School Rules

These rules are part of Scoil Pól's Code of Behaviour which is based on RESPECT for self, for others and for the environment. Each student is expected to behave in a responsible manner helping to create a happy and safe place where learning and growth flourish.

  1. The complete school uniform is to be worn when students are in school, representing the school and coming to and from school.
  2. Students are allowed to have 1 pair of stud earrings in the lobe of the ear ONLY. Face and body piercings are not allowed. Hair styles must be suitable for a school environment and no un-natural hair colouring will be allowed. Students are expected to present to school neat, tidy and clean shaven.
  3. All students are expected to arrive punctually for school and classes. School starts at 8.50am ready for 8.55am class start. Students arriving late to school must sign in at reception prior to going to class and will receive an automatic lunch time detention unless excused by parent/guardians by note/text/phone message to school office/DP.
  4. In the event of absence, parents/guardians must notify school office/DP by text or phone message on day of absence. Where students are absent in order to attend medical appointments, a certificate/note must be presented on return to the school.
  5. A locker is available to each student and should be kept locked. These lockers must be kept clean and tidy at all time. Students are allowed to access their lockers at official break times only.
  6. Smoking including all forms of electronic cigarettes and the consumption of alcohol and illegal substances are strictly forbidden within the school grounds, while representing the school and while wearing the uniform travelling to and from the school.
  7. Students are NOT allowed to leave the school grounds without written permission from parents/guardians, and must be collected/signed out at the school office by an adult prior to leaving the school.
  8. The use of students' mobile phones is strictly forbidden during the school day. Mobile phones will be confiscated from the students where necessary. Should a student be ill or need to contact home, the call will be made by the school administration.
  9. The Student Medical Report Form is to be completed in respect of each student prior to the commencement of the school year.

Each student receives a copy of the full Code of Behaviour, including sanctions, on admission to the school.

Parents' Association

Welcome to the Parents' Association section of the Scoil Pol website.

The Parents' Association in Scoil Pól is a key element in the school structure having two representatives on the Board of Management. Each and every parent/guardian is an automatic member of the Association and your active involvement is encouraged. It is only by being involved that you will benefit from the various meetings and talks that the association holds throughout the year. Every parent/guardian has the same fears and worries for their child from the start of secondary school and as they progress through school, and being able to meet with and talk to other parents, enables these fears and worries to be eased.

The Association has several functions. As mentioned, two Parent representatives are members of the Board of Management, serving a three year term. The Association helps in the review and drafting of all school policies. Guest speakers are organised through the year on various topical issues and recently we covered the topics of cyber bullying and teen sexual health issues. We are also working on developing the second hand school book sale held at the end of the school year
The Association also holds a number of fund raising events in the year, for example, Christmas raffle and used clothes collection. Monies raised are used to help Scoil Pól fund classroom and extracurricular resources, and assist Cairdeas and Student Council committees.

The aim of the Association is to be strong and vibrant resource for all parents/guardians. I would like to invite you to come to our meetings and play an active, positive role in our Association, to the benefit of your son/daughter, as they journey through secondary school in Scoil Pól.

Le Chéile

The Le Chéile Trust is the way a number of congregations including the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul renewed and reformulated their responsibility for schools. In setting up schools, the founding congregations were responding to the Gospel call to “Go forth and teach all nations”. The Le Chéile Trust seeks to be faithful to that Gospel mandate in promoting the work of each individual school within the Trust.


St. Paul

Scoil Pól was founded by the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, the Apostle. St. Paul is best known through his letters to the early Christian churches which we are familiar with through their regular use in our liturgies today. He is renowned as a preacher and teacher and is therefore a very fitting patron for our Scoil Pól.

His feast day on 25th January is always marked in a special way in Scoil Pól and generations of pupils have looked forward to their “feast day treat”. The school moto “Omnibus Omnia” (All things to all people) is taken from St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and is the inscription on the school crest. The life of St. Paul is beautifully depicted in a batik hanging in the main entrance of Scoil Pól. It was presented by the staff to mark the opening of the new Scoil Pól in 1987 and is a much admired feature of the school.



Brief History of our School


Scoil Pól, Kilfinane began as a secondary school for girls in 1915. The convent was opened to a few boarders. These girls were prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge examination. They stayed in the convent, having their own dormitory and dining room. Classrooms for them and for the day pupils were a room in the Convent basement, a room in the National school and the well-known ‘Class room’, a tin shed moved from site to site as it became necessary to provide a space for later buildings. In 1926 Arus Pól was built and consisted of four classrooms, two music rooms. In the late forties, Arus Bride was erected.

In 1968 Scoil Pól became a co-educational school. In 1987 the new secondary school was opened. In 2005, an extension consisting of a library, IT room and a DCG room, was added.

While maintaining a strong link with firmly established traditions, Scoil Pól has accepted with courage and foresight the challenging demands of ever changing educational needs.

The ethos of the school is reflected in the community spirit that pervades the academic and social activities of staff and students. A genuine interest by the staff in the development if each individual student to his/her potential is a highly valued characteristic of the school. While academic achievement is aimed at, the education of the whole person is a priority. To this end students are encouraged to participate in music and dramatic activities, debates and school functions. A lively interest in games inspires a healthy team spirit and success and enjoyment in the playing fields.