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Sisters of St. Paul:

Online Protection:

Maureen Griffin - Forensic Psychologist -

Common Sense Media -

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Wellness Resources

Following is a list of help contacts and lines for teens and families

Al-Anon Al-Ateen (Families and children of alcoholics)
Tel: 01 873 26 99

Aware (depression support)
Tel: 01 661 7211

Belongto (LGBT Support)
Tel: 1890929539

BodyWhys (eating disorders)
Tel: 1890 200 444

CARI (children at risk in Ireland)
Tel: 1890 92 45 67

Tel: 1890 666 666


Crisis Pregnancy Agency
Tel: 01 814 62 92

CURA (Pregnancy counselling service)
Tel: 1850 622 626

Drugs/HIV helpline
Tel: 1800 459 459


Emergency to Gardai or Fire brigade
Tel: 999/112

Gardai Confidential Line
Tel: 1800 666 111

Tel: 01 67 67 960

PACT (Crisis Pregnancy and Counselling)
Tel: 1850 67 33 33

Pieta House (self-harm and suicide ideation)
Tel: 061 484444

Reachout (online youth mental health service)

Rape Crisis Midwest
Tel: 1800 311 511

Samaritans (24 hour helpline)
Tel: 1850 60 90 90

Spunout (youth information website)

Teenline (teen helpline)
Tel: 1800 83 36 34

Teen Between (support for teenagers of separated families)
Tel: 1890 380 380

Women’s Refuge
Tel: 01 49 61 002

Your Mental Health (HSE)


Our School Improvment Plan

Summary of main strengths as identified in last SSE in (specify date):

  • High teacher and student academic expectations.
  • Excellent teaching standards.
  • Caring and supportive school environment.

Summary of main areas requiring improvement as identified in last SSE:

  • Attendance.
  • Assessment for learning.
  • Imbedding numeracy.
  • Improvement targets (related to students’ achievement).
  • Increase in students taking Higher level subjects in Junior and Leaving Certificate exams.
  • Continued improvement re attendance rates.
  • Continued improvements in student literacy abilities.
  • Differentiating for high achievers.

Required actions (Related to Teaching and Learning that will help to achieve the targets):

  • Greater retention of borderline students in subjects levels.
  • Teacher focus on differentiation for high achievers reflected in SD Planning.
  • Positive encouragement to students and parents re attendance.
  • Development of student study and homework skills, promotion of use of library, continuation of focus on key words and word definitions.
  • Continuation of focus on cross curricular numeracy.

Persons responsible:
All staff.

Timeframe for action:
Academic year 2016 – 2017.

Success criteria/measurable outcomes:

  • Attendance statistics.
  • Evaluation of student statistics re subject levels opted for in exams.
  • Improvement in literacy skills in answering and presenting of work across all subjects. Increase in quality of individual work, projects and grades.
  • Use of AFL statistics.

Review date(s):
June 2017.

Uniform and Appearance


Pupils are required to wear the complete official school uniform while in school, coming to and from school and representing the school. 

Pupils are required to wear P.E uniform for Physical Education classes. P.E. uniform consists of navy tracksuit pants and polo shirt or football jerseys and shorts.



 Girls   Boys
 Pale blue blouse  Pale blue shirt
 Navy A-line skirt (knee-length) with navy tights or Navy Trousers  Navy Trousers
 Navy v-neck jumper with school crest  Navy v-neck jumper with school crest
 Navy/Black tights  Navy socks
 Low-heeled plain black shoes  Plain black shoes
 Plain navy jacket  Plain navy jacket
 Tracksuit  Tracksuit or shorts and jersey
 PE Runners with white soles  PE Runners with white soles



In cold weather girls may wear navy tights. Navy only polo-neck jumper may be worn inside blouse/shirt by girls/boys. 

Uniform available from Mrs. Aileen Ryan, Main Street, Ballylanders. (062) 46647


School starts daily at 8.55am and finishes at 3.30pm.



 Mid- Morning  10.55am - 11.05am
 Lunch  1.00pm - 1.40pm

Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours.

After School Study 

After school study takes place daily from September to June from 3.45pm until 6pm and is available to all students. Priority is given to exam classes.

Application forms and cost details are available from the school office on request.


School Development Planning - Ratified Policies, June 2013


  1. Admissions Policy
  2. Code of Behaviour
  3. School Policy on Bullying
  4. Safety Statement
  5. Requirement of Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act 1999.
  6. Policy on School Attendance and Punctuality
  7. Policy on Homework
  8. Policy on School Tours/Field Trips/Outdoor Pursuits
  9. In-house Exam Guidelines - students, supervisors
  10. Social, Personal, Health Education (SPHE) / Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) policy.
  11. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy.
  12. Acceptable Use Policy - for students, for staff.
  13. Vetting Policy
  14. Substance Abuse Policy
  15. Pastoral Care Policy
  16. Special Educational Needs Policy
  17. Teacher Induction Policy
  18. Critical Incident Policy
  19. Dignity in the Workplace
  20. Assessment Policy
  21. Child Protection Policy
  22. The Guidance Policy
  23. Emergency Closure Policy
  24. Health and Safety Policy

Policies at Draft stage

  • Safety statement

Policies under review

  • Homework Policy
  • Anti-bullying Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy - students and staff

School policies are available to parents on request.