Bus Information

Bus Information


Scoil Pól Buses – routes and 1st pick up times: (Please note this does NOT apply to Bus Eireann bus routes and schedules. Bus Eireann buses will operate from Tuesday 27th August on a full schedule).

1. Henry Mc Carthy - Elton – Knocklong – KilfinaneYellowBus
    Elton at 8.00am 
2. John Fenton - Bruff – 1st pick up at Riordan’s Holycross at 7.50am. Then on to Meanus Community Centre, Crean Cross, Bruff, Kilmallock and on to Kilfinane
3. Kevin Fenton - Bruree – O'Rourkes Cross at 7.50am, Dolleries Garage at 8.10am – Kilmallock and on to Kilfinane
4. Effin:There will be two buses servicing Effin
(a) Noreen Hayes – Effin Church at 7.50am, Effin and Charleville road junction at 8am, on to Kilmallock and to Kilfinane
(b) Dessie Hayes – Dave’s bar at 8am, on to Ballingaddy Church and to Kilfinane

Buses will stop en-route. Please be ready and out for the first few days until times on all routes settle down.
As there is no after school study for week one, all buses will return at the end of the school day



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