School Calendar

Scoil Pól School Calendar 2021/2022


***Please note, any changes will be notified to parents from the school office***

 Term 1 


23rd and 24th August

iPad Deployment Day

26th and 27th August

Staff Meetings and Training

30th and 31st August

1st year students

1st September

1st, 6th and 5th yrs including LCA groups

2nd September

1st, 2nd and 3rd yrs and 5th and 6th yrs

3rd September

TY and all other years

1st October

School closed

25th to 29th October

Midterm Break

1st to 10th November

6th and 3rd yr (Xmas) tests

11th November

Parent/Teacher meeting 5th yrs

18th November

Parent /Teacher meeting 2nd yrs

2nd December

Parent/Teacher meeting 6th yrs

7th December

Parent/Teacher meeting 3rd yrs

8th December

Whole school mass

16th & 22th December

1st, 2nd, 5th, TY Xmas tests

23rd December to 5th January

Xmas break





Term 2

6th January

School Reopens

20th January

Parent/Teacher meeting 1st yrs

25th January

Feast of St. Paul School Mass 

14th to 18th February

6th and 3rd yr Pre’s (additional days as/if required)

21st to 25th  February

Midterm break

1st March

School Musical Week

17th and 18th March

School closed

11th to 22nd April

Easter break

Term 3

2nd May

Bank Holiday – school closed

30th May - 3rd June

House Exams

3rd June

School Ends

8th June

State exams begin






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