School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan

Our School Improvment Plan

Summary of main strengths as identified in last SSE in (specify date):

  • High teacher and student academic expectations.
  • Excellent teaching standards.
  • Caring and supportive school environment.

Summary of main areas requiring improvement as identified in last SSE:

  • Attendance.
  • Assessment for learning.
  • Imbedding numeracy.
  • Improvement targets (related to students’ achievement).
  • Increase in students taking Higher level subjects in Junior and Leaving Certificate exams.
  • Continued improvement re attendance rates.
  • Continued improvements in student literacy abilities.
  • Differentiating for high achievers.

Required actions (Related to Teaching and Learning that will help to achieve the targets):

  • Greater retention of borderline students in subjects levels.
  • Teacher focus on differentiation for high achievers reflected in SD Planning.
  • Positive encouragement to students and parents re attendance.
  • Development of student study and homework skills, promotion of use of library, continuation of focus on key words and word definitions.
  • Continuation of focus on cross curricular numeracy.

Persons responsible:
All staff.

Timeframe for action:
Academic year 2016 – 2017.

Success criteria/measurable outcomes:

  • Attendance statistics.
  • Evaluation of student statistics re subject levels opted for in exams.
  • Improvement in literacy skills in answering and presenting of work across all subjects. Increase in quality of individual work, projects and grades.
  • Use of AFL statistics.

Review date(s):
June 2017.