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School Development Planning - Ratified Policies, June 2013


  1. Admissions Policy
  2. Code of Behaviour
  3. School Policy on Bullying
  4. Safety Statement
  5. Requirement of Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act 1999.
  6. Policy on School Attendance and Punctuality
  7. Policy on Homework
  8. Policy on School Tours/Field Trips/Outdoor Pursuits
  9. In-house Exam Guidelines - students, supervisors
  10. Social, Personal, Health Education (SPHE) / Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) policy.
  11. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy.
  12. Acceptable Use Policy - for students, for staff.
  13. Vetting Policy
  14. Substance Abuse Policy
  15. Pastoral Care Policy
  16. Special Educational Needs Policy
  17. Teacher Induction Policy
  18. Critical Incident Policy
  19. Dignity in the Workplace
  20. Assessment Policy
  21. Child Protection Policy
  22. The Guidance Policy
  23. Emergency Closure Policy
  24. Health and Safety Policy

Policies at Draft stage

  • Safety statement

Policies under review

  • Homework Policy
  • Anti-bullying Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy - students and staff

School policies are available to parents on request.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral approach is grounded in the ethos and vision of the founding Sisters of Scoil Pól. Pastoral Care fosters an environment of care and respect. Every role in our school carries a significant pastoral dimension.

  • Each class group enjoys the support and nurturing of a special Pastoral Care teacher, who listens, advises and promotes best practice in leaning and behaviour.
  • The Pastoral Care teacher mediates when problems arise.
  • Students' progress is monitored through detailed Academic Tracking.
  • Parents are kept informed through Parent-Teacher meetings, informal gatherings with parents in the school and regular contact with individual parents as necessary.
  • The transition of First Year from primary to secondary school is facilitated by the designated Cairdeas Team.
  • Kindness, support and encouragement from Pastoral Care teachers help students to reintegrate where a breach of the Code of Behaviour has occurred and a Behaviour Correction Card has been imposed.
  • Special Behaviour Plans promote best behaviour practice. This pre-emptive approach, balancing rewards and sanctions, encourages students to respect themselves and others.
  • Patience, creativity and genuine caring underpin all pastoral engagements in Scoil Pól. A holistic approach is taken to the development of the emerging adult.

Inspection Reports

School Details for Scoil Pól - Click here

Whole School Evaluation: March 2007. Report Click here

Subject Inspections:

English: 23rd March 2007. Report Click here

Home Economics: 22nd March 2007. Report Click here

Gaeilge: 20th March 2007. Report: Leagan Gaeilge / Report in English Click here

Science and Chemistry: 14th March 2006. Report Click here

Technical Graphics and Technical Drawing: 21st March 2007 Report Click here



 Scoil Pól Classrooms and Facilities:


  • Bright and spacious classrooms, equipped with broadband connection,
    data protection, data projectors and computers.

  • Science Laboratories
  • Art Room
  • Home Economics Room
  • Technical Graphics/DCG Room
  • Woodwork Room
  • Information Technology Room
  • Library
  • Resource Room

  • Supervised Lunch Room
  • Gym 
  • Sports Field
  • Hard Courts
  • Meeting Room
  • Prayer Room


Students must remain on the school premises during lunch time. Students may bring a packed lunch.

A canteen in the lunch room provides a range of hot and cold foods.


HomeEc3 IT Room Science2 Library2


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