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Extra Curriculum – Free Trial “Live Online Computing, ICT, Coding & Cyber-Safety Classes” for your students. A message from Kids Coder Club


A Chara,

We hope your return to school is going well. Fingers crossed this academic year sees us return to some form of normality. We are now more than ever aware that parents want their children exposed and educated about ICT, Computing, Coding and Cyber Safety.


Post-Primary students in most school are now undertaking some form of ICT & Computer Science Lessons, these mainly should be the JC Short Coding Course or LC Computer Science. Our extra curriculum club’s syllabus is based around these two areas which helps students progress within these subjects.


Kids Coder Club an Irish based entity, has aligned with post-primary schools nationwide to provide “Live Online Computing, ICT & Coding Classes” for their students. These extra curriculum classes are opening to your students and will aid them to learn 21st-century life skills whilst upskilling in the area of ICT. 


We would greatly appreciate it if you would share the following information with your parents via any of your communication channels to make them aware that these classes are now available for their children. 


We have a “Free Trial Lesson Session” on the 8th of September. Here students and parents can explore the world of computing and coding whilst getting further information about our community.


Parents can book this FREE TRIAL at the following link.">  


To check out all about Kids Coder Club, please watch out introduction videos at">Kids Coder Club – Teaching children computing and coding.


To register your interest, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Many thanks for your assistance. Together We Get Better!



Trevor Murphy, HDip MSc

Principal & Lead Mentor. 

Phone: 053 9156757

Mobile: 087-6873933