TY Diary 2016 2017

Transition Year Diary 2016 2017




Welcome to our TY Diary 2016/2017! On this page we will keep you up to date with all our adventures during the year!


Fundraising Presentation

The TY students held a school disco on the 20th of January for 1st to 3rd Years, the DJ on the night was a past pupil of Scoil Pól Neil Hennessy. The TY students raised €700, they then split this money and presented it to two charities. One of the charities was to the Hope Foundation in which Maura Doherty's (retired Art teacher of Scoil Pól) late sister Ann was hugely involved with. The second was Sr.Patrica who puts in a huge amount of work with the students in our School and is heading to Lourdes during the Summer with three of our current students.

 Fundraising Presentation  HopeFoundationPresentationM

Anois Experience

Some of our TY students attended the Anois Leadership Programme at the beginning of January. Click here to read their experiences...



Make-Up Master Class
The TY ladies were treated to a makeup master class, here are some photos from the day.

makeup 1

makeup 2

        makeup 3 makeup 6
makeup 5 makeup 4



Hair Styling

We also had a Hair Styling Class...

Hair Styling Group


Hair Styling in Scoil Pol


Hair Styling in Scoil Pol HairStyling3






Just before our mid-term break we went on our European Trip to Italy!


European Trip Italy 2016

We organised a 'Walk for Mental Health'.

 walk for mental health  IMG 3506

IMG 3507

Students from Finland paid a visit to Scoil Pól where they performed a classical concert for the students!



TY Students learn different types of dance!



Cake Sale

 Scoil Pol Cake Sale Scoil Pol Cake Sale 
 Scoil Pol Cake Sale  Scoil Pol Cake Sale


Team Bonding at Ballyhass Lakes

To kick off our year we along with the LCA students went to Ballyhass lakes on Thursday 15th for our Team Bonding Day. All students had a fantastic day! Check out our photos below!


Team Bonding

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