Congratulations to Laura Farrell who was nominated in the 4th year - 6th year category in Scratch. To view her project click here . Laura attended the awards ceremony in Dublin Casle. All results can be viewed here:

scratch logo Scoil Pol


YSI Showcase:


 YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol
 YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol
 YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol
 YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol  YSI Showcase Scoil Pol




Learning Chinese:


 TY learn chinese  TY learn chinese  TY learn chinese
 TY learn chinese  TY learn chinese  TY learn chinese


Learning First Aid:


 First Aid First Aid   First Aid  First Aid
 First Aid  First Aid  First Aid  First Aid
 First Aid  First Aid  First Aid  First Aid



Annual Play 'Fit For Anything'

Scoil Pól's TY Class are holding their annual play on 26th and 27th March. Raffle on both nights with many great prizes.


Seinn 2015

Some of our TY class, took part in Seinn 2015. We had a really great day, for more details click here

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Mini Company - Enterprise Award

minicompanyOn March 12th 2015 the Limerick Student Enterprise Awards took place in the South Court Hotel, Limerick. This was the first year that both County and City schools in Limerick had been put in the same competition. There were about 50 schools in total presenting their projects.

Judging started at 10am giving students a chance to set up their stands beforehand. As we were in the Senior Category we had to present ourselves to three judges. While the judges were talking to us we first had to explain about our product. We also talked about our marketing strategies, sales strategies, the amount of sales and where we hope to expand to in the future. The judges then asked us questions at the end of our presentation. Judging lasted for three hours until 1pm. The awards ceremony began at 2.30. Sugar & Spice was awarded with the award of "Best Marketing Campaign 2015". Unfortunately Sugar & Spice did not make it the National Student Enterprise Awards but we are thrilled with our award.



Griffith College Dublin - Legal Debate 

The Griffith College Legal Debating Competition was held on Wednesday 11 March 2015. The team representing Scoil Pól were 4 Transition Years, Brian O' Keeffe, Pádraiglegaldebate Weeks, Frank Crowley and Hazel Healy, accompanied by Mr O' Donnell. The Debaters had to submit a 1500 word essay, either proposing or opposing to the motion; "This house believes the right to water is a Human Right."

The Transition Years spent a few days in February brainstorming pro's and con's of either side. Eventually, they decided to propose the motion.

The debaters were thrilled when they heard the news that they had advanced to the National Final in Griffith College Dublin, along with 11 other schools. Here they would argue their case in front of a live audience and judges.

They left Kilfinane at 6:30am; to be prepared for debating at 11am. The Transition Year team were drawn to debate the motion against Virginia College, from Co. Cavan. The debate was very entertaining, as both sides gave many detailed arguments. Scoil Pól were delighted to win his debate on the day.

Unfortunately, only 2 teams from 12 made it through to the final and Scoil Pól wasn't one of them. The judges, all barristers and Senior Debaters within the college gave us individual feedback, and they were fascinated by the clarity of their argument and integration of Brian with the audience, Pádraig and Frank's use of statistics to support the arguments, and Hazel's passion when stating her case.

The team learned a lot from this experience up in Dublin, and they will use the advice from the judges to come back stronger next year!

Sincere thanks to Mr O' Donnell for giving the Transition Years his knowledge and experience of debating, and for bringing them to Dublin.


The YSI speak out was held in various counties but we went to Cork and many schools attended to talk about their chosen topic for their project. There were vibrant colours and many different styles on how the projects were shown, through song, dance and sketches. Projects varied from helping bees to an app for the disabled to use to find the nearest disabled parking space. For our project we did a small sketch showing how technology effects us from a young age and gradually isolates us from our friends making us lonely, depressed and friendless. Whereas, if used wisely then technology can help us to improve and become successful. We had posters on either side and Jack explained what was happening in each scene. We received a few laughs and were well received by the other schools. It was a very entertaining and interesting day.



St. Joseph's Foundation

In Febraury we presented a cheque to St. Joseph's Foundation following our very successful fashion show




We learnt how to design our own line follower robots!

P1020312 P1020314 P1020316
P1020317 P1020318 P1020320

Work Experience

All our TY students went on a weeks working experience in various different industries, here are details of some of their weeks work!

For my work experience I went to my local primary school Martinstown National School. School started at 9.00 am each morning and finished at 2.40pm. Breaks were at 11.00 and 12.40. I supervised during lunch and break times and even took part in  lunchtime activites . Other jobs I had during my stay was supervising computer class, teaching  students maths, healoing in arts and crafts and giving students tests.
Each day I was in a different room to see different classes and how they are taught.  went to primary school for my work experience because I like working with pupils. I have an interest in teaching in the future ans I choose to go to Martinstown N.S. because it is an excellent school and I went there when I was younger and I know the staff.
My highlight of the experience were the students and how friendly, welcoming and respective they were to me.
Thank you fior reading.
Yours Sincerely
Frank Crowley

For more reports please click here


Pancake Tuesday

For pancake Tuesday we made pancakes!




Driver Learner Experience



TY Driver Learner Experience


Build a Bank

We took part in Build a Bank!

TY Build a Bank TY Build a Bank TY Build a Bank TY Build a Bank TY Build a Bank TY Build a Bank
TY Build a Bank TY Build a Bank TY Build a Bank TY Build a Bank TY Build a Bank TY Build a Bank




Sign Language

We learn sign language!

signlanguage signlanguage1




Soild Works

This year in transition year we do solid works every Friday we have a double class (11:45-13:00). None of us had done solid works before this year so it is a new experience for all of us. We do solid works with Mr. Lenihan in the drawing room in the school with all computers set up and ready for us to work. In solid works we basically do DCG on the computer. It's very useful and easy to use. From it you get to learn more about computers also. So far in solid works we have designed a phone holder, a chocolate bar, a calculator and a coupon Box! This is just some of many products we will do in solid works this year! Everyone in the class enjoys it very much and look forward to Fridays and learn more and more each week! - Jack Fogarty



European Tour 2014 - Lake Garda

On the 23rd October 2014, 27 TY and 5th Year Students, along with Mr O Donnell, Mr Lowe, Miss Roche and Ms Fitzgerald, went on the European School Tour to Northern Italy. We landed in Milan at 10am on Thursday Morning, and travelled straight to Verona by bus. In Verona, we took in the majestic "Ampi Theatre" Colosseum and the house in which Juliet lived in Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. It reminded us that we couldn't get away from school! Read More....


European Tour 2014 - Lake Garda


BEO 2014

 Scoil Pól Kilfinane BEO 2014

BEO Poster designed by TY student Hazel Healy


Lazy Dog Day Trip

Our visit to the Lazy Dog, accompanied by pricipal Mike OHara 



TY Hurling Coaching 

Since the start of the term we have been coaching the first class in bruff national school. The sport they are playing is hurling. We have been teaching them the basics of hurling and rules. For example striking off the left and right side and also holding the hurley the correct hand. For the past few weeks we have been different drills with the class like batting. There are 2 classes of first class. They were particularly excited when the president of the G.A.A. came to visit. The classes we have had are very kind and willing to learn. We are now finished with first and we will have a new class for the coming weeks. - Mark Halpin

 TY hurling coaching

Gaisce gaisce

For gaisce the TY group are doing 2 groups of activities for 13 weeks and 1 for 26 weeks and are also doing a 2 day adventure outing . This is for the bronze award which all has to be completed in the TY year . They have to write up everything they do when the have it done and get the instructor to sign to say that they did the hour activities . - Peter McMahon 


Ri Rocks Climb

On Sunday 21st September, the TY class took on the 2hr long walk up Sliabh Ri. They started out and returned to Glenbrohane Church. Many local people from the surrounding area turned up to support the TY group which we are thankful for. Morgan Murphy led the walk and succeeded in keeping everyone together and motivated. Everyone was in high spirits and luckily the weather was glorious! This allowed everyone to witness the stunning views from the mountain and take-in the beauty of the Irish countryside. Refreshments supplied in the Lazy Dog shooting grounds re-energised everyone before they continued again.
It was a hot day and luckily, tanks of water were transported along with us as we walked. Feeling breathless, hot, and exhausted, everybody got down without problems and enjoyed the excercise before the intense Kerry and Donegal All-Irelamd Final. TYs had great fun walking and bonding as a class. We are thankful to Morgan, Mr.O'Donnell and all the helpers that organised the walk. We couldn't have done it without them. It was a hugely successful and enjoyable day for all.


ri rocks walks