TY (Transition Year)

TY (Transition Year)

What is Transition Year?

Scoil Pol offers Transition Year as an optional one-year programme designed to bridge the gap between the Junior and Senior Cycles and to prepare students for adult life. The school strives to achieve the mission of Transition Year which is: ‘To promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of the students and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society

Core Subjects: 

Irish, English, Maths, Science, Religion, Spanish, French, Business, Physical Education, Cookery, Environmental Studies (History & Geography). 

Subject Sampling:

 Construction Studies, Art, Textiles, Coaching, Music, Wellbeing, Philosophy. 

Transition Year Specific Activities Year Long Modules: 

Innovation and Enterprise Education (Mini Company), Young Social Innovators, Future Leaders and Life Skills.

Example of Modules completed throughout the Year:

Dance-Jiving, Swimming/Life Saving at University of Limerick, Sign Language, First Aid, Photography, Road Safety and Driving Theory, Future Leaders GAA, A taste of Yoga, Wheelchair Basketball, Self Defense, Local Community Work (Gardening), Nutrition and Health, Gaisce, John Paul Awards and much more.

Tours and Day Trips:

Transition Year students get the opportunity to go on the European School Trip every year that usually occurs in October. Throughout the year students go on a variety of day trips e.g team bonding trips, Health and Fitness Expos, Cookery Demos, Musicals, Comedian Shows, Anois youth development, Driving School etc

School Musical and Drama: 

Each Year Scoil Pól holds a school musical in which all Transition Year students are encouraged to audition for and be part of. Also all the Transition Year students with the support of their English teachers put together a Drama in which they perform on stage. 


Some photos of what happens in TY 

Lots of Fun and Life-Experiencing Activities


 TY Yoga 1    TY BallyhassLakes 18

TY DriveSafety 9    TY ClayShooting 8

TY MilkMarket 1 

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