FREE ISPCC webinars for parent’s/ carers 'School Avoidance' Revisited

ISPCC are delighted to share with you information regarding our upcoming FREE webinars for parent’s/ carers in collaboration with DCS CYPSC, South Dublin CYPSC & Madeleine Connolly, Senior Psychiatric Social Worker and Systemic Family Psychotherapist. 'Keeping Connected in the Tween Years' & ‘School Avoidance Revisited’. These webinar’s are funded by DCS CYPSC & South Dublin CYPSC

The first webinar 'Keeping Connected in the Tween Years' on the 14th of November 7-8pm. Key take aways on the night for parent's/ carer's:

  • Influences on your young person's behaviour
  • Promoting positive behaviour using your parental presence
  • Maintaining a positive relationship whilst also putting in boundaries
  • Stepping out of the battle: using influence not control
  • Staying connected AND maintaining a secure base

Link to register:

The second webinar ‘School Avoidance Revisited’ on the 21st of November at 7-8pm. Key take aways on the night for parent's/ carer's:

  • The reality of school avoidance and its prevalence
  • Reasons why: looking at the mental health and developmental contributing factors
  • The impact of school avoidance on familial relationships
  • Making changes: tips and ideas to promote school attendance or staying connected with their education

Link to register:

Registration is now open, and we would appreciate if you could share the above information and the attached leaflets promoting the webinars to your school community. By clicking on the ‘register here’ link on the leaflet you will be able to register for this event.

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