Cairdeas is a group of (3rd Year) students who focus on helping initiate first years into Scoil Pol and to ensure an easy transitition from primary school to post primary school. The name CAIRDEAS which is the Irish for friendship, demonstrates exactly what this group of students promotes in our school. The Cairdeas group organises many events during the school year.


The Cairdeas group work very diligently to ensure that the first years are assisted in their adjustment to life in secondary school. They have organised a soccer tournament, three-legged races and a quiz to give the first years opportunities to get to know each other. Monies raised from the quiz were donated to Trócaire.

Student Buddies

You as a first year will be given a Buddie of your choice. You can then go to that person if you have any concerns or want reassurance.

  • Are your own age group
  • Were first years last year
  • Know exactly what is like to be in first year

A  member of Cairdeas and/or your Buddie can help by:

  • Being available to you if you have any concerns or want reassurance
  • Finding your locker, classroom, toilets, lunchroom, etc.
  • Showing you where to go at lunchtime /breaktime
  • Helping you to make friends through the activities they organise
  • Looking out for you in general etc

 The Cairdeas Team are easily recognised by their yellow badges.


Meet our Cairdeas Team for 2018/2019

Cairdeas prefects1819


Some Student Buddies for 2017/2018...

 StudentBuddy 1 web StudentBuddy 2 web StudentBuddy 7 web
 StudentBuddy 3 web  StudentBuddy 4 web  StudentBuddy 5 web
 StudentBuddy 6 web  StudentBuddy 7 web  StudentBuddy 8 web