Students Council

The Student Council


The Student Council has nine members elected by their classmates to represent the student body within the school organisation. Scoil Pól is very proud of the valuable contribution made by the Council towards creating a positive school climate.

Scoil Pól has elected their Student Council for the coming year. The Student Council represents the students in the school. Each class has two representatives who are elected by their class. Student Council officers are nominated and elected within the council. Officers include chairperson, secretary, treasurer and public relations officer.

Members of Student Council have several important jobs including raising awareness of issues concerning the students, carrying out surveys and questionnaires and raising money for student needs. Student Council meets every week with members representing their class and presenting their ideas. Jobs are allocated such as organizing events, meeting with the principal and informing the student body about Student Council issues.

Student Councils have done many projects over the years, including installing shelves for students to put their bags and organizing a “Humanity Week” to promote positive relationships.


National School table quiz organised by the Student Council


National School Table Quiz